New Mexico Draw hunts



New Mexico (NM) has more to offer than just bear and lion! Antelope, barbary sheep, elk, mule deer, coues deer, ibex and oryx can all be hunted here. We put clients in every year to hunt these animals. 

Barbary sheep


Barbary sheep (aoudad) are one of three wild roaming exotic game animals in NM.  The best units for barbary sheep are on draw with seasons in October, December, January, and February. There are opportunities to hunt OTC April1 through March 31. 



Elk are probably the most sought after trophies in NM. We offer great archery and rifle elk hunts in pristine units. September archery hunts are our favorite! We also offer rifle and muzzleloader hunts in October.

Mule Deer


Mule deer are always fun. We offer rifle and archery hunts for public land draw. Rifle hunts are in November and the archery hunts are in September or January. 

Coues Deer


Coues deer - aka "The Grey Ghost" are one of our favorite ungulates to hunt.  November/December rifle tags are the way to go. Archery hunts during the January rut are also exciting and challenging. 



Oryx state wide off-range hunts start June through March.  Each season is a month long.  Come hunt free range oryx just like in Africa!