Little Joe's Big Game Hunting

Mountain Lion Hunting

Mountain Lion Hunting in New Mexico offers one of the greatest challenges in the hunting world. There is nothing like having 150 pounds of feline looking down and staring right through you. It will definitely make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

The most productive way to hunt these elusive animals is on a good fresh snow. During these snow hunts, your guides really put in the overtime looking for that tom track. Waking up extremely early and checking as many roads as possible before dark comes back around is the routine.   Luckily NM has a very healthy lion population. We strive to keep our population high so we only take tom lions.

Snow isn't the only way to hunt. When snow isn't plentiful, we also hunt dry ground. We drag roads to look for tracks and free cast dogs while walking canyons. We keep track of lion crossings in between hunters so we have some idea where lions are or will be showing up next.

In order to maintain high lion harvest success rates, we prefer to only take one hunter at a time. This allows us to be more efficient and have another guide out looking for tracks at the same time.
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