Little Joe's Big Game Hunting

Bear Hunting

Bear hunting in New Mexico can be one of the most intense hunts you will ever experience. The day starts before dawn as we load the the pack of dogs and start rigging roads in good bear country. After the rig dogs sound off, the race begins! We use trucks and atv's to get in as close as we can, but when the road ends, the foot work begins. For this reason some pre- hunt conditioning is advised.

Our bear hunting packages are flexible, and can be set up for a lone hunter or a group of hunting buddies. Bear season starts August 16 - 31. These hunts are conducted near Capitan, NM on private and public land.

September 1 - 22 is a bow only season and dog use is not permitted. During this time the acorns start ripening, the bears  feed heavily, and hunting is prime!

Hound season begins again September 23 - November 15. However, around this time some quotas in the state will be met and units start closing. This is when we go mobile. If the unit we hunt closes, we will move to a unit that is open. This time of year is great for those big fat bears with great fall coats.

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